Our vision

We believe that everyone alive seeks the same thing – happiness and meaning in life. Through Mindfulness, we believe that it is possible to uncover the true nature of each of us that lives within. This true nature, which is the core being or the real us, is generally covered over by our own thoughts. We believe that this is the answer to getting in touch with this true nature. Our beliefs in this regard are supported by the latest scientific research in the field of Mindfulness and Neuroscience.

We at the Australian Mindfulness Institute are a team of professionals who are committed to offering the highest quality courses and training in the field of Mindfulness and Neuroscience. Our entire team has vast experience of these areas at both a professional and personal level having trained in Bangor University and the Institute for Mindfulness Based Approaches (IMBA), Germany.  We adhere to the Good Practice Guidelines for Teaching Mindfulness developed by the UK Mindfulness Teachers Network.  The guidance includes formal mindfulness training, personal regular mindfulness meditation practice, engagement in regular supervision, commitment to on-going personal practice, training, supervision, attendance on retreats and a high standard of ethics in relation to our teaching and practice of mindfulness.