Mindfulness Training Journey for Healthcare Professionals

The Australian Mindfulness Institute offers programmes which can be integrated into you current work/practice. Professionals in medicine, psychology, human services, education, business and healthcare choose the Australian Mindfulness Institute for expanding their knowledge and skills.

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Professional Training in the Applied Use of Mindfulness for 7 – 11 year olds

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(Online training with webinar, video links & more)

4 week online training programme, Monday 31st October – Sunday 27th November

Cost $399

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8 Week Online Mindfulness for the General Public

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Monday 3rd October 2016


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Monday 7th November 2016


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Includes our Device player for best experiential results

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The Mindfulness Institute’s promise to you:

    • We will help you improve your happiness levels
    • We will help you quickly achieve your goals
    • We will help you improve your relationships
    • We will teach you to reduce worry
    • We will introduce you to Neuroscience research findings from MIT


The Science of Mindfulness

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Mindfulness Meditations


Learn to Live in the Present Moment


Understanding the Human Brain

Positive Psychology

Increased Happiness Levels

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